Saturday, 22 June 2024


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As the founder of Rera Online Christian radio, I was a sinner saved only by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was walking in darkness but he lifted me to the light and I attribute that to years of listening to the word of God mainly through International Christian radio stations. Usually when I was listening I would hear the good news and ask myself why don’t we have this locally? I wished lots of other people were hearing this with me. My desire was to share God’s word grew as I found love, joy, peace and grew my faith only through hearing the word. This was the birth of Rera Online Christian radio.

Ms. GofaModimo Sithole,Managing Director


  • To establish, acquire, maintain and operate an online radio broadcasting station to provide for the broadcasting of quality gospel music and Christian sermons and conversations and also matters of general interest and news (consistent with our slogan ‘sharing the bread of life with joy, reverence and honour).
  • To encourage the appreciation of moral and Christian values in these challenging times.
  • To establish and operate a sound studio or studios for broadcasting the good news.
  • To provide training and practical opportunity for the staff of the company which includes, management, program production, administration, technical aspects and other works of the company.
  • To foster interest in the use of the radio medium among other Christian groups or individuals.
  • To provide controlled access to the company’s radio broadcasting service for members of the company and such other individuals whose objectives or creed do not conflict with those of the company.
  • To provide over the phone Christian counselling to calling listeners and refer counselling to a panel of Christian counselors.